Mobile FTP Client

Mobile FTP Client is FTP client for windows mobile 5/6 or above that allows users to download or upload files to a FTP server.




  • Support for download and upload ( Including multi files at once )
  • Stores traffic data on a pr site basis.
  • Support both passive and active connections
  • Site manager to store login information to multiple sites
  • Minimal installation size ( around 200kb )
  • Automatically switches between passive and active mode
  • Automatic system detecting new versions



  • .NET Compact framework 2.0 ( More info )
  • Device support resolutions above 200x200 ( Anything lower may create UI issues )
  • Network connection on the device

License: Free for personal or none commercial use (Contact us if you want to use it in a commercial setting)

Download: Download Setup file ( Used by PC and install via ActiveSync)

Download (.cab file)