Basic Admin Tool

This is a admin tool intended for valve's source dedicated server, BAT was designed for public servers, with adult admins. That dont want infinite number of useless/abuse punishments. Just a basic admin tool for banning/slapping/kick all in a handy menu or via console commands. And a design to keep it simple and minimize mod spesfic code means its going to work just as fine on counter-strike source as any other mod like Insurgency.



  • Admin commands via Client Console
  • Admin commands via Server Console
  • Admin commands via Chat Console
  • Admin menu
  • Admin chat
  • Admin login via Steamid / IP ( Tested with 1500+ admin accounts )
  • Admin login via MySQL (Supporting both: amxbans,sourcebans&its own webinterface)
  • Autorespond to public chat messages ( timeleft and nextmap )
  • Votekick / voteban and from chat
  • Mapvoting system ( Either via menu or chat )
  • Add maps that are outside mapcycle to Admin menu
  • Add maps that are outside mapcycle to vote menu
  • Rockthevote system
  • Reserved slots system
  • Autoexec map config files ( like cfg/mapconfig/de_dust2.cfg )
  • Automatic STEAM_ID_PENDING kicker
  • Interface that allows other plugins to easy get admin information


Whats features are NOT comming: *Stats ( Try: MiniStats ) *TK system (Try: ForgiveTK ) *High Ping Kicker ( Try: High Ping Kicker ) *More SourceMM plugins made by EKS can be found here


Admin commands: admin - Shows admin menu admin_addadmin - Adds a admin admin_ban - Bans a player admin_banip - Bans a player admin_chat - Shows a message to all other admins admin_csay - Shows a message on the center of the screen admin_gag - Gags the players ability to speak in chat admin_help - Displays how to use the commands you have access to admin_kick - Kicks a person admin_list - Shows a list of all the players on the server admin_loadrandomlevel - Loads a random map admin_map - Changes map, needs to be valid map on the server admin_menu - Opens admin menu admin_name - Changes the name admin_nextmap - Sets the nexmap ( map needs to be in mapcycle ) admin_psay - Sends a private message to someone admin_rcon - Runs a command in server console admin_reload - Reloads BAT config files. admin_rules - Shows the rules to the target player admin_say - Shows a message to every player ( Like regular chat) admin_slap - slaps a user ( Cannot slay bots ) admin_slay - Slays the player admin_startmapvote - Manualy starts a rockthevote style vote admin_team - Makes the the user change team admin_unban - Unbans the player admin_unbanip - Unbans the player admin_ungag - Removes a gag admin_vote "Question" "Command to run" - Runs a vote for all players admin_voteban - Starts a vote ban against a targeted player admin_votekick - Starts a vote kick against a targeted player


Works in empires mod: admin_eject or - Removes a player from commander in Empires ( Command does not function in other mods )


Works in sourceforts admin_noclip


Public Say commands are: say timeleft say /timeleft say nextmap say /nextmap say #votekick say #voteban


Admin chat commands: admin_csay - Prints a admin message say @@ Colored Cender say to all players say @ Regular admin say to all players say_team @ Private message to admins


Admin commands via Chat: You can remove the admin_ part from the admin command say #kick FakeEKS "Dont fakenick"

Download: Mirror 2 Source code: Mirror 1 If your looking for source code of SourceMM plugin to learn from please look at MiniStats source instead as its source code is has gotten a clean up similar to what BAT will get for version 2

Web interface: BAT Web Admin Panel 1.0.0 Beta 3


Here is a few ways of best knowing when a new version is released:

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