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Conan Stats renamed to GuildStats.NET

Conan Stats will now be released under the name GuildStats.NET, this change makes reflects the fact that it now supports multiple MMO's. What this means to the Age of Conan Community is that features added for MMO's can be used for Age of Conan.

For that that did not check the previus news post, this version also adds support for german log files in Age of Conan via the plugin API.

Changes in this version from previous beta version is a fix to the German parser plugin that could make it fail parsing some and off course the multi game UI.

Currently GuildStats.NET supports both Age of Conan and Rift.

Download is here

Conan Stats beta released

This is a big update of Conan Stats, in terms of internal changes. This update changes the .NET version from 2.0 to 4.0, this was done to get access to new technology making development faster.
This version also includes the first german parser plugin developed by Klappstuhl.

This release cycle will focus on:
1) Improving the plugin API as changes are required.
2) Automaticly updating lists of known NPC bosses and so on without a update of Conan Stats.
3) Features based on feedback

Download here
Changelog here

Please remember to give us feedback on release, there has been alot of changes internaly and the german parser plugin likely needs some more ability definitions to get class information

If your a flash developer, and can help out check here

Calling all Flash developers

Age of Conan Suppots ingame Flash animations, and i would love to make a ingame Flash animasjon to show ingame DPS information from Conan Stats.
Sadly i dont know Flash, but if someone wants this feature and knows a Flash developer make him come here and we can get started.

In short i would provide the DPS information in whatever format the flash developer wants :)

Contact me here